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Please join us Sunday, September 22 at Lake Merced and help celebrate our mother’s life, Teresa Rico.

Our mom was first diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer on Jan. 18, 2015 (though she was never a smoker!!). She fought this disease for 2 years and months until she gained her wings in November of 2017. While undergoing treatment, our mom and our family were very involved with the Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer Foundation. We participated in monthly living rooms and joined in on the Annual Your Next Step is the Cure walk run in San Francisco to help raise funds and awareness for all lung cancer patients. Please continue to honor our warrior and celebrate her legacy!!

Register today or make a charitable gift and help celebrate our warrior’s life.
Every dollar we raise will advance GO2 Foundation For Lung Cancer's mission to help change the reality of living with lung cancer by ending stigma, increasing research funding and ensuring access to care.

Together, we are stronger!

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1. Jennifer Guevara
Sending love and hope always! 💗
2. Pam Sayles
Ivette, So proud of you for doing this walk. You know that the battle to wipe out Lung Cancer is very important to me too! Bless you, Dear Sister, as you walk in memory of your sweet mom. Love, Pam
3. Noah Haro
Miss you grandma
4. Melissa Jones
Love you Teresa
5. Melissa Jones
6. Anonymous