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Please join Team Beast Mode in the fight against cancer and the search for a cure.

Our beloved Tuyen was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in May 2016. She was a healthy, non-smoking 38 year-old with so much to live for. She spent the next two years juggling treatments, traveling, indulging in food, dancing at concerts and hosting marvelous themed parties. Nothing was more important to her than her family and friends and we are heartbroken to have lost her in August 2018.

We continue to celebrate and honor Tuyen every day and especially at this annual race dedicated to the fight against lung cancer.

Thank you for your support of Tuyen and Beast Mode.


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In loving memory of Tuyen, in faithful support of Jeff and Rylan, with respect to her entire family and in honor of all her friends.
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We are honored to support you Lan and a very important cause! Lots of love!