Ina Bauman

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My 2019 Your Next Step is the Cure San Francisco Fundraising Page

Ina Bauman

I had an accidental finding 4.5 years ago. I was lucky-was able to have surgery (left upper lobectomy) and have been fine since recovering from that surgery. Then, on 4/10/19 a routine scan picked up another growth. Biopsy confirmed carcinoma. Again, EARLY DETECTION, allowed for stereotactic radiation treatment. (easy compared to all the alternatives) I’m grateful beyond words to the GO2 Foundation for their constant love, support and education. Let’s Walk …………..


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Recent Donations

1. SASusan M Allen
Ina, My contribution is dedicated to you and Bruce Irvine. Have a fun day!
2. NMNancy & Max
In your honor and with great love for your inspiration and determination.
3. JGJudith Stevens & Marty Greenstein
In honor of and with great love and deep appreciation for our dear friend Ina, who she is, and all she does
4. JKJoy Kellman
5. ?Anonymous
Thank you GO2 for all you do for everyone who needs you. May you go from Strength to Strength
6. PBPhyllis Brock
Ina, in honor of your upcoming birthday. May you continue being as vibrant and well as you are now! With hugs, Phyllis

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